Previously known as The Transformation Trust

Social Value Act (2012)

Our programmes provide a unique social value, which ties in with both local needs and the objectives of our corporate partners. We treat social value as a significant business requirement rather than a ‘nice to have’, and all of our programmes enable citizens to make a valuable contribution to society by promoting and supporting the involvement of young people in the development of their communities, or by volunteering their time to support our programmes.

  • Our programmes provide crucial, fully funded support to local schools and colleges by offering unique and invaluable opportunities for young people to engage with their local economy.

  • Our programmes foster links between schools, colleges and businesses, improving and making better use of labour market information.

  • Our programmes respond to local social needs:

    • seeking to address low levels of employability/low participation in higher education;

    • encouraging local businesses to support the development of local young people through the provision of volunteering opportunities;

    • facilitating universities' engagement with local disadvantaged young people.