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Powering Talent with Dell Technologies

Do you want to run the Big Idea workshop for your students yourself?

The Big Idea ‘Do it Yourself’ educator/parent/carer resource is ready to be downloaded below. To suit your students' needs, there are three different ways that you can access the Do It Yourself project. See below to access the facilitated workshop.

This workbook has been created for use by KS4 and KS5 students, however, you may wish to use with KS3.

  • Printed version - request printed copies (only available for schools in TTF's network)

  • PDF copy - download ready for printing.

  • Live version - download editable online workbook. 


The Big Idea - Do It Yourself Pack

About iDEA


The Talent Foundry (TTF) has partnered with iDEA to offer bespoke achievement badges for participation in TTF-Dell programmes.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an award-winning programme that is helping people around the world to develop digital and enterprise skills for FREE through - a learning platform which offers bite-size, interactive modules that you can try on any device, anywhere you can be online. You will earn a digital badge, and points for every module that you complete on iDEA. 

Once you’ve got going, you can download, print and share a portable, digital ‘career passport’ known as the iDEA Record of Achievement. With enough iDEA points, you can win industry-recognised Awards that will help you to stand out from the crowd. Bronze is beginner level, Silver is intermediate and Gold is advanced. Students participating in any of the TTF-Dell facilitated programmes will receive a special iDEA badge!

There's a huge range of iDEA badges to choose from, just pick one that interests you and get started!

Powering Transformation: Powering Transformation is back but in a new format! Now taking place in your school for 2021, the 2-3 hour workshop will give your Year 7 - 8 students an insight into higher education whilst taking part in a problem-solving challenge which focuses on solving social and environmental issues using tech! We have partnered with a wide range of universities to offer this workshop which can take place virtually (with students in school) or in person. 

Powering Transformation - The Big Idea: The Big Idea is a new project which is available to your Year 7 - 9 students whilst they are learning remotely from home. Students will act as a brand new 'social enterprise' company who want to gain funding from Dell for a new and exciting tech product! During the workshop, students will be encouraged to develop their knowledge of social issues in their community and the way that technology can be used for the greater good. The 2 hour workshop can be planned to suit your students' timetables. 

Powering Futures: A 2hr workshop for Year 7 - 8 students focusing on team-building and introducing students to engineering and sustainability through engaging activities. There is also an optional STEM activity which students can take part in. This workshop can take place virtually (when students are in school) or in person. 

Powering Potential Virtual Insight sessions: The Powering Potential Virtual Insight sessions are a set of exciting and engaging 1hr virtual events focused on a number of tech specific topics. They are available to Year 10 - 13, and will give students the opportunity to gain a unique insight from expert speakers on areas such as AI and Cyber Security.

Welcome to The Talent Foundry’s Dell webpage, offering a number of exciting and engaging activities for secondary school students.

The Talent Foundry and Dell have been working together for a number of years to help young people reach their full potential, and share in the common good. As part of the Dell Progress Made Real plan, we run a range of programmes based on the idea that technology should be a driver of human progress. 

On this page, you will be able to access key virtual opportunities and resources, and hear directly from Dell professionals - all valuable activities for helping your school achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks. Scroll down to explore what is available, and please don’t hesitate to contact the Schools Liaison team  if you have any questions or would like to request further information. 

Request to meet the Dell team

For schools in The Talent Foundry's network, we are offering the opportunity to request a virtual talk with employees from Dell. Talks from Dell could include career routes into tech to a more specific tech focused topic such as AI or Marketing. These talks are available for students in Year 9 and above.

To find out if your school is eligible for support from The Talent Foundry, please contact our Schools Liaison Team

Once students have completed The Big Idea project, you are able to submit their projects to the Dell team for bespoke feedback and comments. Students can also claim an iDEA badge for their completion of the project. 

Book a facilitated workshop

Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA)

The Talent Foundry is proud to work closely with a large network of disadvantaged schools across the country with high levels of deprivation. As part of our mission to level the playing field of opportunity, we work exclusively with the schools that most need extra support and have high proportions of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding relative to schools in their local authority. To find out if your school is eligible for our facilitated programmes, please contact our Schools Liaison Team.