Previously known as The Transformation Trust

Our Delivery Team

Our programmes and initiatives are delivered to students by a diverse team of professional and experienced facilitators.  All our facilitators are only engaged following successful completion of a stringent selection process including interviews, observations and pre-engagement checks.  Many are qualified teachers, actors and youth workers and they all bring individuality, passion and dedication to the role.

By engaging facilitators from a wide range of geographical areas and  backgrounds, we can ensure that we match the delivery of specific programmes to the skill set, interests and experience of individual facilitators. We are also able to keep our running costs to a minimum as we can reduce the time and associated costs spent traveling to workshops. 

We regularly seek feedback from young people, teachers and volunteers to help ensure that all our programmes are of the very highest quality, and have the most impact possible. This not only maintains our excellent reputation for the work we do but also maintains the reputation of our corporate partners. As we continue to grow and expand our work, we regularly advertise for new facilitators to join our delivery team. Any current vacancies can be found here.