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M&G Skills for Life

Programme name:

M&G Skills for Life


Financial Sector (Investment and Asset Management)

Corporate partner:


Where the programme will run:


Key Stage:


Year group:

12 & 13 (S5 & S6 in Scotland)

Number of students from each school who can take part:


Flexible (agreed in advance)

Location of programme:

In school

Duration of the programme:

4 x 2 hours workshops

Requirements from school:


One member of school staff to support each session, completing and submitting the relevant booking form and ensuring that all students attend all sessions.

Cost of programme:












We are offering a fully facilitated group employability programme for students in Year 12 & 13 (S5 & S6 in Scotland) supported by international financial services provider M&G.


The programme takes place across four sessions and aims to explore students’ strengths and areas for development and how best to communicate these when applying for jobs, university, or apprenticeships.


Students will have the opportunity to work with mentors from M&G, exploring a series of interactive activities to understand topics such as key employability skills needed in the workplace, how to create an effective CV and how to stand out at interview. Through the course of the programme, they will also develop softer skills such as communication, resilience, and teamwork.

Relevant Gatsby Benchmarks:



Gatsby Benchmark 2 - Learning from career and labour market information.

Gatsby Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers.

Gatsby Benchmark 5 - Encounters with employers and employees.

How to book:


Call to speak to a member of our dedicated Schools Liaison Team on 0207 148 0934 to check eligibility and then submit a booking form here.

How places are allocated:


These are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis to schools in our target cohort (higher than average numbers of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding).