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Key Stage 5: Opportunities for 2020-21

The opportunity to take part in a competition to win a once in a lifetime trip to the US. The trip will give young people the chance to take part in real life campaigning during the final two weeks of the presidential election campaigns.

A series of workshops for sixth form students supported by Dell mentors, focusing on developing core employability skills such as networking, team building, idea generation as well as tech sector specific activities. 

Various workshops for KS3, KS4 & KS5 students helping to develop core employability skills through challenging participants to think about how to use the latest emerging and cutting-edge technologies to solve real life KPMG client briefs.

A series of six workshops for sixth form students, delivered on company premises and supported by MediaCom volunteers to give students information on the various careers available in the media industry whilst helping them develop core skills.

A series of four workshops for sixth form students, delivered virutally or in school, and supported by M&G volunteers, helping students to develop key employability skills and to experience life in a large corporate office.

An amazing full day event held at Wembley Arena with an inspirational and motivational careers fair in the morning and a celebratory pop concert in the afternoon. Industry-specific workshops are available on a first come first served basis for sixth form students. 

A series of resources which help young people prepare for life after school.  The focus is on developing their core transferable employability skills, raising self-confidence, motivation and aspirations as well as improving financial capabilities.

A six session virtual mentoring opportunity for sixth form students aiming to provide students with soft and practical skills to prepare them for future pathways to higher education, apprenticeships and employment.

 Nursing workshops with the NHS

A 2-hour workshop for KS4 and KS5 students supported by NHS nursing ambassadors aimed at dispelling the myths around the nursing sector and informing young people about the amazing opportunities that a nursing career can offer. 

Taking place every Tuesday in the run up to the US Election, sixth form students can participate in a series of hour-long, free political masterclasses to hear from prominent figures about the key concerns in American politics and society. If you're interested, please submit your details using the booking form link.